Red Square

Red-Square 红四方 – 李桂田 is from Hunan China and currently lives in New York.

She is an internationally renowned Neoillusionist Tea Master, Calligrapher, Performance Artist, and Poet.

Red-Square grew up in the land of Tea Gardens and she started to learn the process of Tea at age of 8.

She received Master certifications of Art and Tea Judging from the motherland of Tea, China.

She has been promoting the Way of Tea in American since 2008 and she is the Founder of Neoillusion Teaism in NY, as well as the Director of Red Square Ceramics.

Red-Square is also an internationally known Tea Artist who performs Neoillsuion Tea Performance, which is one of a Kind 21st Century Teaism Ceremony that expresses Tranquility, Unity, and Humanity, it combines New and Old, Tradition and Contemporary, East and West in the form of Art Installation and Theater Performance to reveal the Spirit of Tea.

Neoillusion Tea Ceremony is an Avant-garde Zen Experience at Red-Square Tea Room in Brooklyn, New York. The Ceremony is by appointment only. It includes delicious Meal, High-end Rare Organic Teas, Live Music, Performance, Art, Poetry, Fashion, Discusses, Flower Arrangement, Ceramic Art, Incense, Meditation, etc. It is a Luxury experience for body, mind, and spirit. Red Square applies her understanding of Tea Ceremony and Art as the balanced revelation of self and offers a sincere contemporary approach to traditional arts by using the modern-day liberation of free association and diversification of mediums to attain her unique style. Her practice, her creation, and deep understanding of the relation between Art and Life come from the Philosophy of Neoillusion. Red Square sees Neoillusion as the very image of our reality, Red-Square combines Neoillusionist principles with Traditional Chinese Values to create Neoillusion Tea Ceremony.

In Neoillusion, there is no meaning, but the meaning. Red-Square dedicated her entire life to Tea and Art, she says:

“Art is my Religion, Everything around is my Prayer, The Way of Tea is the Way of my Life.”

The Secret of FuZhuan

His appearance is rather masculine, square face, thick, and he looks quite condensed. He is not bitter or astringent no matter how you treat him.

December 3, 2017

What is Dark Tea – Hei Cha 黑茶

Dark Tea? You mean Black Tea?
Yes, I meant Black Tea… But Dark Tea? Sure that too.

October 21, 2017