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Korean Tea Sampler Sets 2020

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Grades of Korean Green Tea Sampler Set

From this set you will be able to understand the differences between the Korean grades (flushes) of tea in more depth. In this set you will get 15g of each grade and a sheet explaining how Korean teas are set into different grades. These teas are all from the tea company DongCheon. They make their teas in the “Jeongcha” style (a processing method that uses boiling water to blanch the tea leaves). We have made this sampler set for those entering the Korean Green tea world and who wish to learn and experience the differences themselves.

You will receive 15g of:

  • Woojeon
  • Muyi Sejak
  • Sejak
  • Jungjak
  • Daejak
  • Yipcha

At a full 90 grams, we are offering this 6 tea set at $45 USD not including shipping from St. Louis Missouri USA.

A Menagerie of Balhyocha Tea Sampler Set

Balhyocha is a “controversial” topic when it comes to classifying the tea into the sinocentric tea categories. Basically balhyocha is any oxidized tea which includes many categories from green tea (yes green tea is oxidized to a small extent) to black tea. However, balhyocha is more commonly describes teas that are more oxidized than green tea.

With this sampler set, you can not only experience different levels of oxidation but different producers’ tea as well. Few if any tea masters produce all oxidation levels of balhyocha, so this is more a sample helping you understand what balhyocha can taste like. We have put together our favorite balhyocha that we think represents a nice variety of the ones we offer. TeaBuyKorea

You will receive 15g of:

  • Halmonicha by Jeong Jae Yun
  • So-Ipcha by Dosim Dawan
  • Jeonggucha’s Balhyocha
  • SOA’s Balhyocha

At a total of 60g we can offer these 4 exceptional teas for $45 USD not including shipping from St. Louis Missouri USA.

NOTE about Shipping:

For 1 sample set to the Continental USA, the shipping costs $5 USD and for both sets costs $8 USD. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Internationally can vary AND COVID-19 has paused shipping to certain countries. Here is one source for better understanding international shipping: COVID-19 USPS

Orders are due June 21st


Morning Crane Tea offers the chance to buy!

We at Morning Crane Tea have set our goal not to make money by selling teas. Our goal is to share Korean teas that are underrepresented and virtually unknown in the tea world. The truth is we lose money by giving you the best prices we can. If you would like to help us continue to do these tea buys for years to come, a donation would be more than welcome. Your pleasure in drinking and experiencing these teas is our only reward. But it’s one we cherish.

I am THE Tea Sleuth! Born & raised in St. Louis, he longs for a more tea thriving environment. Once a lonely soul, now one destined for Nirvana, all thanks to ChaQi!

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  1. Hi Eric! I think you said these Korean teas will arrive to us mid-July to end of July. Any news?

  2. After lots of COVID-19 related delays and red tape, Korean tea is on its way to the USA. It’s up to our customs and USPS to see how fast it arrives for me to pack. I will send out a group email once I’ve received the tea, another when they ship, and ndividual ones with tracking numbers. fingers crossed everyone!
    Thank you all for your patients.

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